Saturday, June 15, 2019

We're Back!!! Look at that, 7.5 years gone by in the snap of a finger! 

Good news is my waist measurement is still under 32.5 inches which was the original purpose for the blog, yeah to maintaining good health.  When we last left off, we were just about to move to Pickering.  We are still in that house, being shared with my parents who are both still in good health.  The only missing party is our dog Girly, she lived a great life to the age of 13 and her last day was probably the only bad day in her whole life.

So what’s up with me?  I’m still actively quilting, not as much as I should be; but I blame Instagram and FaceBook for that.  I waste too much time on “the Net”.  I suppose it’s no different than how we used to waste our time watching TV.   Still walking a lot with the good intention to get back to slow running.

The big change in our life has been RV’ing.  This is our 4th summer out and we are already on our third trailer.  At the moment, we are really satisfied with our Grand Design Imagine 2150RB.  We both LOVE our camping adventures and it has really enriched our time spent together.  

I enjoy all the pre-planning involved in deciding where to go, what to do, and what to bring.  I will be retiring from work on June 28 and decided to “wake up the blog”.  We want to keep a record of the places we have visited, not only for our own memories, but perhaps it may help others in their camping adventures too. 

Fifty Point Conservation Area, May 25 to June 2, 2019 

This is our fourth visit back to Fifty Point and we will return in October to close out the season.  I enjoy so many things about the park and location (except for the background road noise from the QEW).

We had booked site 44, however with all the rain and flooding this Spring the site was super soggy and wet.  We transferred to site 61 as a drier alternative.  My favourite site in the park is still 42, with possible alternatives of 70, 76 and 58.
Below are some of the selling points of why I really enjoy our trips to Fifty Point Conservation Area:

30/50 E/W/S Hookups, clean Comfort Centre with Laundry and WiFi that actually works great with our extender.
Walking Trails to the Beach and Marina for physical activity
Great Birding (this year we added Starlings, Eastern Bluebirds and Killdears to our list)
Excellent Shopping - Costco, LCBO, Superstore, 50 Point Market, The Dutch Shop, Starsky’s and Farmstands
Wineries and Breweries (visited Vineland, Peninsula Ridge, Cave Spring and Bench)
Restaurants (visited D & A Pizza – Greek Salad x 2, Gyro Pizza and Greek Fries)

We kept pretty close to the Park this time not venturing farther than Grimsby preferring to have a relaxed vacation.  Normally we would head out to the Niagara on the Lake Region where we visit more wineries, outlet stores, sometimes Niagara Falls and a visit with our friends who own On the 6 Bed and Breakfast.  

We have another 5 locations already booked this year so more updates to come. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

CSA Weeks 22 and 23

Finally, here are the pictures of Weeks 22 and 23 from Cooper's CSA Farm & Maze.

Week 22 above, had Radish, Garlic, Spinach, Brussel Sprouts, Swiss Chard and Red Fingerling Potatoes.  The Spinach was eaten raw in a salad while the shard was wilted down with beef stock and butter for my lunch.  I shared the Sprouts with two coworkers. I might be upping my order next year to a full share portion to share with a coworker.

The final box for the year, Week 23 contained Lettuce, Leeks, Parsnips, Beets and Sweet Potatoes.  The Big Man was in charge of picture taking that day since I was out visiting one of my friends working on hanging pictures through her home.

Steve and Lisa 
I know that my whole family has enjoyed the CSA experience and obviously will be signing up for next year.  I want to thank Lisa and Steve, the farmers who run Cooper's for such a great summer harvest.  My favourite item was their popcorn!

We are down to our final week in our house.  We've made a good start to packing and I plan to make a big effort over the next 3 days.  We have a POD on delivery for tomorrow and movers hired for the furniture for next Friday.  Wish us luck, my next update will be from our NEW HOME!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

CSA weeks 20 and 21

You know your loved when you get a question like this from more than one person.

"Hi BAbe,  Too busy to update your blog?   Or not enough time in your day now that we are not there to help with the domestic tasks. -- Mom "

I will admit I did miss last weeks post but, on the upside, I'm early for this weeks!

Week 20 from Cooper's CSA Farm & Maze, (shown above) contained as per Lisa and Steve's weekly email:  "This weeks share will include, radish, Brussel sprouts, leeks, parsnip, Spanish onion, and potatoes. Our parsnip are as usual, a little goofy looking. We just dig them and wash them. We don't trim them. If you don’t like the tentacles, just run the peeler over them quick to remove."

Now that my parents are back in Florida, there were way too many Brussel Sprouts for just myself.  My Husband hates them so I brought in two zippy sandwich bags into work; AGAIN excessive excitement amongst co-workers!  You would think people had never seen veggies before!

Week 21 was a really bad photo week....this is the best that I have, darn you rainy fall morning!!  Provided was cabbage, carrots, beets, squash, last of the red sweet pepper, and a small bunch of spinach.

I made "Spinach Brownies" and the peppers were used in Fajitas.  Squashes roasted and Beets will be on Saturday with Roast Lamb from the freezer.

I was so craving crappy food tonight.  I knew there was a box in my pantry, and all day at work I thought about eating was "Kraft Dinner".  Let's be honest, it's so easy to eat a whole box by yourself in a sitting but Holy F I had no clue that would equal 840 calories!!!!!  WHAT!

Instead I chopped up a red pepper, a squash from week 21, radishes from week 20 (hating myself for forgetting the parsnips) and put them in the oven to roast giving me exactly just enough time to put up this post.  See, a massive amount of bad calories saved and a delicious, nutritious meal waiting to fill my belly while I watch the last 3 innings of the World Series...see you next week.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 19 and a Quilt Show Visit

Week 19 from Cooper's CSA Farm & Maze included; brussel sprouts, sweet corn an all white variety called Avalon-last of the season, radishes, purple carrots, spaghetti squash, and garlic.

The purple carrots were really interesting, when peeled they were a dark beet purple but still orange in the middle.  I ate them raw with some dip, tasted like carrots but somehow not just as sweet.  Co-workers were really interested in them and I got a lot of "what are you eating" questions.

Sunday my Mom and I visited the Rouge Valley Quilters Guild 2011 Quilt Show and Sale which was held at the Ajax Community Centre.

This was personally my favourite quilt of the show.  I loved that it was made entirely from stash scraps and I thought the circle top-stitching was a perfect choice to compliment the pattern.  See photo below for further information.

Now that our house has sold and I don't have to keep it 100% perfect at all times I've had some free time to work on this quilt below that my Husband has claimed as "His".

The pattern is called "A Sparkling Sampler" from McCall's Patchwork and Quilting.  I started it Christmas Day last year and am hoping to have it done by this Christmas this year.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CSA Week 18 and Thanksgiving Farm Visit

Since it was such a beautiful weekend we took advantage of the beautiful weather and visited Cooper's CSA Farm & Maze on Thanksgiving Day!

But first, the good stuff from CSA week 18 which included: freshly dug sweet potatoes, red potatoes, acorn squash both green and white, white spanish onion, carrots, and swiss chard.

I've moved the picture taking to my front porch. With the changing of the seasons the good sunlight is dwindling in the back yard. Look how brilliant that Swiss Chard looks only goes to prove that veggies make your insides/outside look amazing!

It was such a beautiful drive up to the farm. The warm weather and the fall colours were on full display. One of the great perks of having the CSA share is that admittance to the farm and maze are included. The girls were so warm and welcoming as soon as we proudly told them we were members.

There is tons of fun for everyone both young and old. They have lots of things to see and do around the farm, such as mini mazes for both kids and adults, hay rides around the farm, u-pick patches, corn boxes (like sand boxes), an echo tube, as well as lots of animals.

A visit through the country store provided more of their own home grown fruits and vegetables, home made jam, hormone and antibiotic free Angus grade beef, goat, pork, chicken, wild game.

We purchased frozen Mild Italian Sausages, another one of the amazing squashes from last week, a basket of edamame and POPCORN kernels which I can't wait to try out this "Thursday-Jersday" with popcorn and margaritas!

I'm so glad we made the trip out to the farm; it did nothing but add to the great experience our CSA share has brought to our family this year.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

CSA Week 17

I'm loving all the veggies that have been arriving in my share from Cooper's CSA Farm & Maze.  Week 17 contained white corn, fingerling potatoes, tomatoes, beets, garlic, and an ambercup or buttercup squash and sweet peppers.

Now I don't know if this was a buttercup or an ambercup squash; but what I do know is that it was FANTASTIC!  Dry flesh and so sweet, mashed and enjoyed with butter, salt, pepper, smidge of brown sugar and a tiny pinch of cinnamon.

At the disgust of my mother I'm including this picture!!  The fingerling potatoes were of such varied shapes....I'll let you guess what I thought this one looked like.  Each week I roll my eyes with pleasure, these however were so good, now I understand why they are so expensive to buy at the store.

Week 17 was also fantastic in that I finally received a comment from someone other than my Mom or friend Steph.  "Mick" is a runner, like a "real marathon runner"!! and asked about the reason for the move and some pictures.

The move is something that I would have never anticipated.  I love the Village of Brooklin and will miss it dearly.  The condo that we purchased for my parents has been delayed again.  After having my parents live with us for the last two summers it's just not fair to them, or us, to continue to live with no firm date of completion in sight.

As a family, we decided to move closer to the city.  The biggest benefits are way shorter commute times to work for my husband and myself, and two distinctly separated living areas for all of us.

I don't have a lot of photo's but this will be my new kitchen!  I love to cook and generally hang out in the kitchen with my lap top that I plan to set up in that little nook.

I've finally been back at quilting and sadly had to run on the treadmill--boo hiss--due to the crappy weather this morning.  Off to watch Amazing Race........

Monday, September 26, 2011

CSA Week 16 and SOLD!

Week 16’s delivery from Cooper’s CSA Farm & Maze came with carrots, leeks, corn, edamame beans, cayenne pepper, pablano peppers, green peppers and sweet banana peppers. I have to admit the edamame pods looked a little sad but the beans were so bright and tasty!

Saturday the peppers were put to good use as Mom and I made our annual batch of Canadian Living -- Chipotle Salsa. Sadly all my CSA garlic was gone but thankfully more will be in next weeks share.

Mom made a great soup with the leeks. I used the corn and carrots in a Southern Style Pulled Pork Pie with Buttermilk Biscuits from the newest LCBO Food and Drink Magazine along with a side of Asian coleslaw from the cabbage received the week before.

BUT the best thing of all from last week was finally seeing this sign!

It took 43 LONG days on market. Of course we don't do anything easy in our house so we were all super stressed since we had secretly already firmly purchased another house in Pickering.

I want to thank my parents for all their hard work in making the house look awesome at all times and for the numerous times they took Girly to Tim Horton’s while the house was being shown. Our agent was fantastic and did an amazing job in firming up the sale.

Now I can finally relax and stop being a grumpy, horrible boob-head to everyone! Deep calming breath….now on to packing.