Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ops, I forgot I had a blog....

Why yes, I am still alive!! My lovely Big-Man reminded me the other day that I have a blog but have neglected to update it for a while.

I thought I would give a quick post and update you on at least 10 things that have happened in between.
  • As per below picture, the Christmas tree is up
  • I had jury duty two Monday's in a row, sadly was not picked
  • Made and mailed out my Christmas cards last week

  • Going to the gym with Quilting Newbie on weekends when the man is working
  • Stopped colouring my hair to find out that I have more gray hair than I remember
  • I spent over 1,700.00 on car repairs in the last two weeks
  • As per below, turned 37 to a fantastic bottle of wine and "New Moon" movie

  • Working on two baby quilts, damn twins, just joking!!
  • Babysat 6 month old, confirming I made correct decision not to have children
  • Had a freaking fantastic trip to Punta Cana!!

My cheap Price Chopper Amaryllis has exploded, I have 4 flowers on the one stem and 5 on the other, and another bud stalk on the way. I hope everyone that reads is doing great and I promise not to be gone so long again.