Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mmmm, Salsa!

My cousin Nerrad and his wife are amazing cooks! Nerrad has often gifted us with jars of home-made Salsa proclaiming how easy it is to make; I decided to give it a try this afternoon.

I already had plenty of jars at home but I wanted the wire basket lifter thingy for the pot of water and the rubberized jar tongs so at noon I went to Canadian Tire to pick them up. The rack was perfect for dropping and blanching the tomatoes and the tongs also worked to pick up the hot tomatoes.

I had picked up this book from the Library on Thursday to find the perfect recipe. From beginning to end it took about 3 hours and made the exact quantity specified. I ended up with 5 x 500ml jars and about a half cup left over.

Click on the picture to make it bigger
Taste testing the appears that it's going to be awesome! I think it needs a little bit of salt to round out the flavours. Next time I'm going to make it an all day adventure and make a few different batches. Somehow I don't think these will last very long!