Monday, September 26, 2011

CSA Week 16 and SOLD!

Week 16’s delivery from Cooper’s CSA Farm & Maze came with carrots, leeks, corn, edamame beans, cayenne pepper, pablano peppers, green peppers and sweet banana peppers. I have to admit the edamame pods looked a little sad but the beans were so bright and tasty!

Saturday the peppers were put to good use as Mom and I made our annual batch of Canadian Living -- Chipotle Salsa. Sadly all my CSA garlic was gone but thankfully more will be in next weeks share.

Mom made a great soup with the leeks. I used the corn and carrots in a Southern Style Pulled Pork Pie with Buttermilk Biscuits from the newest LCBO Food and Drink Magazine along with a side of Asian coleslaw from the cabbage received the week before.

BUT the best thing of all from last week was finally seeing this sign!

It took 43 LONG days on market. Of course we don't do anything easy in our house so we were all super stressed since we had secretly already firmly purchased another house in Pickering.

I want to thank my parents for all their hard work in making the house look awesome at all times and for the numerous times they took Girly to Tim Horton’s while the house was being shown. Our agent was fantastic and did an amazing job in firming up the sale.

Now I can finally relax and stop being a grumpy, horrible boob-head to everyone! Deep calming breath….now on to packing.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

CSA weeks 14-15 and "Aruna Shores"

This weeks post is a double since we were on VACATION!

Week 14 from Cooper's CSA Farm and Maze was awesome!  I was super pinched for photo time that morning as I had some viewings booked on our house before work.  However, this is a perfect representation on how the weekly box is received.  Included were Carrots, Beets with tops, Broccoli, two Spanish Onions, No-heat Jalapeno's, Spaghetti Squash and an Eggplant.

We found that we really don't care for the Eggplant so I decided to take it to work to give to a co-worker.  HOLEY MOLEY I'm going to have to hold a draw for the next one the the girls were fighting over it...hilarious!!!

We were on vacation for the delivery of Week 15.  My Mom and Dad are perfect little apprentices and took great pictures.  My Dad's camera time stamps the pictures so I know that he spent 15 minutes just taking photos not including time spent on artistic arrangement and set up!

Delivery included Sweet Corn, Red Peppers, Swiss Chard, Butternut Squash, Savoy Cabbage and a Chieftain Variety of Red Potatoes.  I LOVE SQUASH, butternut and turban are my favourite.

We just got back from a very relaxing week spent at "Aruna Shores" a rental cottage near Tobermory, Ontario fronting on Lake Huron.

Saturday was really warm when we arrived but the rest of the week was chilly and very windy.  There was a fire place that provided warmth in the mornings while the sun heated up the cottage in the afternoon thru all the windows.

The cottage was huge for two people but would be great for a family or a two couples.  There was a queen in the main bedroom, a double and bunk-beds in the other bedroom and a separet bunkie house with a double bed that would be perfect for kids to sleep in.

A day was spent in Tobermory.  Cute shops (I liked Circle Arts the most), restaurants, a grocery store and an LCBO which lets be honest on vacation is mandatory and always a welcome find!

We also visited a small town called Lion's Head.  It had a Marina, "full-service" gas stations, schools and again most importantly an LCBO.  While there we popped into a a quilt store called Greig's Fabrics which had a most impressive selection of fabric for such a small town!


Sunset at Aruna Shores Beach

Relax-a-roo time!

If you are interested in renting Aruna Shores, use this link here.

It was very clean, well supplied and I would feel comfortable recommending it.  The rental service was top notch as well.

I was especially impressed that the kitchen came with cooking oil and a drawer full of spices.  We only ate out once the whole week at a Fish-n-Chip place in Tobermory.  Our meals we prepared together at the cottage were fantastic -- hamburgers, steaks, chicken thighs, sausages, spaghetti, baked potatoes, rice, sweet potatoe fries, salads, cheese and crackers, hummus, chips and popcorn, beer and wine.  I would suggest to bring a lot of drinking water; we used both a 10 and 8 litre jug along with a case of bottles from Costco.

Books were read, the net was surfed, tons of DVD's were watched -- all in a fantastic vacation!

Monday, September 5, 2011

CSA Week 13

So hard to believe that Labour Day is here already.....When I was a kid it was the excitement of school starting, now it's just the dread that summer is coming to an end.

Week 13 from Cooper's CSA Farm & Maze brought lots of great stuff.  Avalon White Corn on the Cob, Green Beans, Field Tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, a Passport Melon and Yukon Gold Potatoes.

The Potatoes were amazing! I boiled some down and made a Chick Pea and Potato salad with a Sweet Smoked Paprika and Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing for our lunches.

As per the advice from Lisa at Cooper's I diced up all the Roma Tomatoes and cooked them down in a saucepan with Red Peppers, Garlic, Chili Flakes, Smoked Paprika and a splash of Balsamic Vinegar. I paired it with Pork Schnitzel from the Little Polish Market and some Linguine.

This if anything is just funny.  Our dog Girly always likes to be around us.  She is not a moocher and doesn't eat "people food" but she contorts herself under foot when we eat at the kitchen table.  I don't know how she finds this comfortable but she will nap like this the whole time?? Weirdo....

It's been a great week for Running, except for Saturday....that was like breathing and swimming through pea HOT! Have a great week!