Monday, September 26, 2011

CSA Week 16 and SOLD!

Week 16’s delivery from Cooper’s CSA Farm & Maze came with carrots, leeks, corn, edamame beans, cayenne pepper, pablano peppers, green peppers and sweet banana peppers. I have to admit the edamame pods looked a little sad but the beans were so bright and tasty!

Saturday the peppers were put to good use as Mom and I made our annual batch of Canadian Living -- Chipotle Salsa. Sadly all my CSA garlic was gone but thankfully more will be in next weeks share.

Mom made a great soup with the leeks. I used the corn and carrots in a Southern Style Pulled Pork Pie with Buttermilk Biscuits from the newest LCBO Food and Drink Magazine along with a side of Asian coleslaw from the cabbage received the week before.

BUT the best thing of all from last week was finally seeing this sign!

It took 43 LONG days on market. Of course we don't do anything easy in our house so we were all super stressed since we had secretly already firmly purchased another house in Pickering.

I want to thank my parents for all their hard work in making the house look awesome at all times and for the numerous times they took Girly to Tim Horton’s while the house was being shown. Our agent was fantastic and did an amazing job in firming up the sale.

Now I can finally relax and stop being a grumpy, horrible boob-head to everyone! Deep calming breath….now on to packing.

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Anonymous said...


Congrats on the sale of the house! I have been a lurking reader of your blog, and I always enjoy your posts and outlook.

I am a runner as well, done 95 marathons so far to date, in my soon to be 40 age :-)

Why the sale of the house and move to Pickering? Be sure to post pics of the new digs