Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ops, I forgot I had a blog....

Why yes, I am still alive!! My lovely Big-Man reminded me the other day that I have a blog but have neglected to update it for a while.

I thought I would give a quick post and update you on at least 10 things that have happened in between.
  • As per below picture, the Christmas tree is up
  • I had jury duty two Monday's in a row, sadly was not picked
  • Made and mailed out my Christmas cards last week

  • Going to the gym with Quilting Newbie on weekends when the man is working
  • Stopped colouring my hair to find out that I have more gray hair than I remember
  • I spent over 1,700.00 on car repairs in the last two weeks
  • As per below, turned 37 to a fantastic bottle of wine and "New Moon" movie

  • Working on two baby quilts, damn twins, just joking!!
  • Babysat 6 month old, confirming I made correct decision not to have children
  • Had a freaking fantastic trip to Punta Cana!!

My cheap Price Chopper Amaryllis has exploded, I have 4 flowers on the one stem and 5 on the other, and another bud stalk on the way. I hope everyone that reads is doing great and I promise not to be gone so long again.


Quilting Newbie said...

Welcome back!!

Anonymous said...

Got your card. Printed off the computer on fabric? Always wanted to try that. We went to Boat Parade at John's Pass last night and out to Applebee's with friends. Off to a Cantata tonight with Sandy. Busy with choir practice. Dad at flea today with LD. What happened to car? Merry Christmas, Love mom

32point5 said...

Hey Mom,
Glad you got my Christmas card. I did not print it off the computer, it was a fabric panel that I bought at the last sewing show in Toronto.
We are having Christmas dinner tonight, since he is working over the rib...YUMMY! XOXO