Friday, October 28, 2011

CSA weeks 20 and 21

You know your loved when you get a question like this from more than one person.

"Hi BAbe,  Too busy to update your blog?   Or not enough time in your day now that we are not there to help with the domestic tasks. -- Mom "

I will admit I did miss last weeks post but, on the upside, I'm early for this weeks!

Week 20 from Cooper's CSA Farm & Maze, (shown above) contained as per Lisa and Steve's weekly email:  "This weeks share will include, radish, Brussel sprouts, leeks, parsnip, Spanish onion, and potatoes. Our parsnip are as usual, a little goofy looking. We just dig them and wash them. We don't trim them. If you don’t like the tentacles, just run the peeler over them quick to remove."

Now that my parents are back in Florida, there were way too many Brussel Sprouts for just myself.  My Husband hates them so I brought in two zippy sandwich bags into work; AGAIN excessive excitement amongst co-workers!  You would think people had never seen veggies before!

Week 21 was a really bad photo week....this is the best that I have, darn you rainy fall morning!!  Provided was cabbage, carrots, beets, squash, last of the red sweet pepper, and a small bunch of spinach.

I made "Spinach Brownies" and the peppers were used in Fajitas.  Squashes roasted and Beets will be on Saturday with Roast Lamb from the freezer.

I was so craving crappy food tonight.  I knew there was a box in my pantry, and all day at work I thought about eating was "Kraft Dinner".  Let's be honest, it's so easy to eat a whole box by yourself in a sitting but Holy F I had no clue that would equal 840 calories!!!!!  WHAT!

Instead I chopped up a red pepper, a squash from week 21, radishes from week 20 (hating myself for forgetting the parsnips) and put them in the oven to roast giving me exactly just enough time to put up this post.  See, a massive amount of bad calories saved and a delicious, nutritious meal waiting to fill my belly while I watch the last 3 innings of the World Series...see you next week.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you chose the healthier option. We got spoiled with the quality of produce from Cooper's farms. Am still in sticker shock over produce quality and prices in grocery stores here in Florida, grown here, but strawberries were $4.99 for same size we bought at home at $2.49 from Florida???? Love, Mom