Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday!

Ah, another favourite day has arrived; Super Bowl XLIII Sunday is here! Particularly exciting this year since it's being held in Tampa, which is so close to where my parents winter in Largo, Florida. Should be a blast for all the oldies in the park down there!!

Flying Geese

I've been working on my quilt all weekend. I didn't get as far as I wanted to but I do have half of the strips sewn together and might get a few more done after posting this.

As random as I pulled and pieced these, you would think it would be hard to not have matching patterns and colours beside each other. I spent an hour mixing the rows before I found a pleasing pattern.

I really like seeing "stained glass" patchwork photos where you photograph the quilt top held up against a window.

This part is for Quilting Newbie, as per our discussion on Friday, I did mark a test square with both pencil and a Crayola Washable Marker. Result -- pencil was still visible however the Crayola Marker totally washed out.....YEAH!

On a sad note, my good friend Mark from work lost his Mother on Friday after a battle with cancer. I'm going to the wake this afternoon. Above is a recipe she gave me years ago. It's one of those fantastic Grandma, old-school CWL inspired squares. Remember those squares with the fruity marshmallows embedded in a squishy-cookie crumb; this is that recipe.

Potato Skins

Finally I will tempt you with the Super Bowl menu for today, Potato Skins, Panko crusted boneless wings, Nachos with cheese dip, Boy Scout Caramel popcorn from my nephew and Beverages!

Gee, I hope I don't see the 7 pounds I lost last month appear back on the scale tomorrow? Have fun and see you soon! GO (insert team name here)!! Whatever, we all know I only like it for the food and booze!


Sara said...

That quilt looks wonderful! I love it and I love the stained glass photo too. I can tell that took a LONG time, all those flying geese. Those potatoe skins look so yummy, have fun watchnig the super bowl, my favorite part is the commercials!

crazyquiltlady said...

Luv the flying geese quilt - coming along really spectular

Anonymous said...

Guess this is not the time to tell you that I went to a quilt show on Saturday and they showed an easy way to make flying geese with 2 squares that are 3 dimensional. We had great time at our Super Bowl Party, exciting game. Dad almost won the pool until the steelers got that last touchdown. Oh well! Mom

Quilting Newbie said...

I love your flying is wonderful. I can't wait to see it all finished. Looks like you had a great super bowl party. Yummy. We need to have a play date soon. TTYL
PS can't wait to find our your mom's easy way to do flying geese.

32point5 said...

Hi Girls, thanks for stopping by and the really nice comments. My Super Bowl meal turned out fantastic. As per usual, I fell asleep in the last quarter and missed the really good parts.

Damn CTV blocking out the good American commercials! I'll have to try and find them on-line.

Cousin C said...

Those potato skins look sooooooo good!!
Have to try and make them soon, never attempted them before

Anonymous said...

Love, Love the flying geese quilt top. It is so colourful. Yummy treats for the Superbowl everything looks simply deelish...

Newbies Mom