Friday, January 23, 2009

Someone thinks I'm Fabulous

Yeah, my first bloggy award! My good friend over at Quilting Newbie has awarded me this lovely token of appreciation. Thanks!

With the award, I'm to list my five addictions and let you know of five other blogs that I also think are Fabulous.

ADDICTIONS, hmm kinda a harsh bout things that make me happy!

  1. Magazines, OMGosh I love them! Gossip, crafting, quilting, cooking, anything Martha-ish
  2. My Dog, aka my child, I love her smelly popcorn feet and stupidness
  3. Fabric, nothing like a good fondle to make a girl happy!
  4. Coffee and Wine, mmmhhhuuuummmmm!
  5. Blogs, for the entertainment, friends and inspirational ideas

I have some blogs listed on the sidebar that I read everyday, but I would also like to point out the following blogs that I also enjoy reading and I think are all Fabulous!

  1. Assorted Notions because I love the clothes she sews and her hair is fantastic
  2. Erica B.'s - D.I.Y. Style! because of her amazing garment sewing skills
  3. The Pioneer Woman because she cooks like a fiend and shows pictures of cowboys butts!
  4. use real butter because Jen is an amazing woman who's winning the battle of breast cancer
  5. David Lebovitz because he lives in Paris and is a fantastic cook and photographer

On a frustrating note, I was almost at work today and noticed that my car was smoking/steaming? I pulled in to the parking garage to find out it was leaking fluid all over. After a panic call to the husband on what to do; I went upstairs to get an emergency day off from work (thank goodness were allowed 3 "emergency" days a year).

I took my car to Precision Tune Auto Care in Brooklin. These guys are fantastic.....I brought my car over unplanned at 11:30 this morning and it was all fixed by 6:00 that same night. Turns out I needed a new water pump and some belts replaced. Great pricing as well, $200.00 less than what they quoted to me earlier in the afternoon.

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Sara said...

Hey congrats on the award! Love the 5 things you are addicted to - I certainly agree there is nothing better than a good fondle of fabric!

I also love the "bottom-room" The new colors look absolutely fab! and make it a completely different room!