Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Mum, I'm fine.....

I never realized how many people I know actually read my little blog.

I called my Mum last night and her first words were "Are you ok? There's nothing new on your blog". Hmm, yes, I'm fine however just in that February funk of boredom.

Let's see, here's 3 random facts about me:

  1. My blood type is RHO negative
  2. I'm an only child
  3. I dread shopping for clothes. I know how can this be?

However, I do love shopping for fabric which I'll be doing with Quilting Newbie on Saturday, cause you know one of us will be getting the 20% birthday discount. Sadly, it won't be me.


crazyquiltlady said...

that should make the Feb. funk go away -fabric shopping -

Quilting Newbie said...

LOL, my friend you are bad. Soon I'll be getting the seniors discount. LOL. I can't wait for Saturday....faaaaabrrrrrrrrrrrric.

Renee said...

moms. aren't they the best? glad you are okay. have fun fabric shopping. i'm hoping to get with my sister soon for a trip to a place with one dollar yards of fabric. wouldn't that be sweet? lol. you'll have to post pics of your purchases so we can all drool. lol. take care.