Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quilt Pox?!

Saturday was my friend Quilting Newbies birthday. To celebrate we went on a Quilt Shop-hop and some lunch in Uxbridge, Ontario.

Quilt Pox!

This sign was on the back of the bathroom door in one of the stores. I found it both comical and true. Just look at the birthday girl below, surrounded by fabric with that crazy look in her eyes!

Sew Many Fabrics in Uxbridge

Our first stop was to Sew Many Fabrics. The store is nice and bright and had a lot of finished samples displayed showing many different techniques. They had a Long Arm machine on display, I so want one of these. Hmm, where could I find about $5,000.00?

Sew Many Fabrics in Uxbridge

Next stop was Quilters Cupboard. I love, love, love this store. It's very easy to miss since the store is out of a converted house and only has a small sign on the front lawn. Thank goodness for Garmin's, without this I would be perpetually lost and never leave the house.

Quilters Cupboard in Uxbridge

They have a beautiful selection of fabrics, notions, patterns. Again many samples are located throughout the store and all the ladies are so very helpful.

Quilters Cupboard in Uxbridge

There is a great flow to the the store ranging from children's, flannel, seasonal, and classic to modern fabric choices.

Quilters Cupboard in Uxbridge

They offer a 20% discount for your birthday; and according to my bill, it looks like this discount also applies to friends shopping with you!

Quilters Cupboard in Uxbridge

For lunch we went to frankie's ristorante. I'm always nervous to eat out with Quilting Newbie since she has some serious food allergies. I was trying to find a nice place to eat and frankie's is 100% gluten-free & nut free Mediterranean cuisine. Lunch was FANTASTIC!

Frankie's Ristorante in Uxbridge

Mmmm, I had Eggs Benedict while Newbie had a Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread. The bread was made with rice flour; the texture was so light and fluffy, yummy! The restaurant is very pretty with great service and very fair prices. I will definitely go back.

Fabric Stash

These were my fabric purchases for the day. I'm stocking up on greys, blacks and greens for my next quilt. I also bought this fabric panel that has New York Beauties for "paper piecing". It was a great weekend finished off with this Chicken Orzo for dinner. No pictures but the Big Man described it as "Blog Worthy"!


Anonymous said...

Looks as if you and Quilting Newbie had a great Day.!!! I love love the fabric you picked for your next quilt. I am such a fan of the colour lime green.

Quilting newbie momma

LuAnn said...

It looks like you and your friend had a wonderful day together. The photos are great. I could almost touch those fabrics and smell the food. In that bottom photo, looks like you found some sashiko fabric. I have a piece in my stash somewhere along with the thread to do it. You have a nice blog.