Sunday, November 9, 2008

This favorite quote

Always a Coconut!

Whenever something goes wrong, or not according to plan, for the Big Man and I we always look at each other and say in unison "Always a Coconut".

I have no idea how we ever started saying this but it has lightened up many a stressful situation....for example, sitting in an airport in Miami for 12 hours trying to get on standby flights every two hours, no luck...hence an "Always a Coconut" situation.

This weeks theme was provided by Ashely at strawberry kisses.


Mom said...

Mom says she loves your kitchen update but wants to know when you adopted her palm tree theme from Florida - "Always a Coconut"

Anonymous said...

T and J just love your kitchen reno. It looks marvelous and we can't wait to be with you both and give a toast (have to get out and buy a special wine for this one :) ) to all the hard work that went into it. C you soon... Jimbo.

32point5 said...

Mom -- Glad you like the kitchen!

Jimbo -- Hope the move went well for you and T and that you are finally rid of the "Neighbours from Hell". See you soon! XOXO