Sunday, November 16, 2008

This favourite thing from nature.

Hmm, this is a tough one; how can you possibly narrow down the one best thing that you love from nature. I would have to say the best thing is WATER.

WATER is what gives everything on our planet life; without it we would not survive.

I try not to be too wasteful with my water consumption and always respect it by not littering. The smallest amount of litter will eventually find it's way to a water source through storm drains. Ever notice the junk you see on a walk down by the beach or lakefront. I know I've seen enough plastic tampon applicators and balloons on ribbon; they came from somewhere??

Without WATER I would not be able to enjoy the lovely flowers and herbs from my garden.

My oddest water story happened when I was filling my water bottle up from the sink at work. Some girl looked at me with deep concern and asked me if I thought it was actually safe to drink the tap water. Huh? I would hope so being that I live in Canada, however there was the Walkerton incident; but I refuse to live my life in fear of tap water.

I'm sure the spit-bunnies from everyones bottle tops touching the spout on the water cooler at work is more disgusting than the tap water I'm drinking.

This weeks theme is was provided by Beth at cloth and fodder.

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Sara said...

I am always drinking water, and people ask me the same thing - "tap water? How can that be safe?" Funny, my DH works for the water department in our small town - he makes it safe, so I KNOW it's safe!!