Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cinnamon Sandwich Cookies

My Sunday meme "This is..." that I've been participating in has been discontinued by it's creator. So today I thought I would share some pictures of a cookie I made last weekend.

They are called "Cinnamon Sandwich Cookies". I found the recipe in my December 2008 Canadian Living Magazine. Sorry, I couldn't find a link to the recipe.

I'm glad that I made them if only for the practice of rolling and cutting of the dough. I'm in a cookie exchange at work this year and have been trying to think of a few nice cookies to make.

I had thought of including this one. They are truly lovely in appearance and taste, but after two days in the tin they were a bit "soft" and not crisp any more; probably from the jam. Not a recipe I will be keeping in my collection of favourites.

HOWEVER, from the same magazine I made "Basque-Style Chicken" which was fan-freaking-tastic. Recipe linked here.


Sara said...

I'm not big on "soft" cookies, so I will probably not attempt these. I like my cookies to stay crunchy! Hope you enjoy the cookie exchange and I will have to check out that other recipe!

Sacred Suzie said...

Those look amazing! I'm glad that you made them and took pictures, perfect for a cookie exchange. I just made some sandies and they were good too. I love baking this time of year!