Thursday, October 16, 2008

Final Round Robin Border

I met up with the girls on Thanksgiving Monday to trade off on our final Round Robin swap.

The border I added starts from the solid green out to the blue and red checkerboard. Ugh, this looks pretty simple however it took me the better part of Saturday afternoon and ALL of Sunday to complete this in time. I swear I am the worst procrastinator in the world.

I enjoyed participating in this Round Robin. It was fun picking out the fabric choices, but I found it really hard to design my own border patterns. I'm more of a follow a pattern kind of girl. If I was going to consider participating in something like this again, I would prefer to do a block of the month challenge where you just basically follow a pre determined pattern.

I'm not sure who's quilt this is but if it was mine I would name it "Hollie Hobby" because of the colour choices and pattern layout.

Check out what Jocelyn at "Rock Star Diary" just made. I absolutely love stained glass and her craft-work is just beautiful. I think that quilting and stained glass have a lot in common; it's like a puzzel of glass compared to a puzzel of fabric.

Do you think Kraft peanut butter would be interested in hiring my Girl for quality checking? I really think she needs a job....all this sitting around and napping all day can't be good for her!


Sara said...

That quilt is really pretty, and I agree with your name choice. It does remind me of Holly Hobby. I do like your border that you added. I am more of a pattern person also so I know where you are coming from! Great job!

Renee said...

that is a very pretty quilt. you do very nice work. and your name choice is perfect. great job.

Anonymous said...

It is lovely--- the lady who this top is for has a new Grandaughter and this is going to a quilt for her--the baby's name is Mia - I have met Mia and this is perfect for her-- Mamere(grandma) Lyet will be thrilled with this- Good job

32point5 said...

Aww, Thanks for all the nice comments!

Anonymous---thank you for letting me know who's quilt this is. I am so pleased it is going to a young girl; I really love how this quilt turned out.