Sunday, October 19, 2008

This favourite film

This weeks question has been asked by Hollie at Hokey. My absolute hands down favourite film is "Sixteen Candles".

I remember my Mum and our next door neighbour Abbey took me to the Pickering Town Centre Cinema to see it when I was about 12 years old. I'm sure the rating must have been at least an AA14+ show but I non-stop begged, and begged and begged for her to take me.

I clearly remember the shocked gasp of air that left my mother the minute Molly Ringwald stood on the stairs and exclaimed "I can't believe it. They fucking forgot my birthday"! HA, HA CLASSIC!

It all went downhill from there for my poor catholic hearted Mum; between Jake's girlfriends boobs in the shower, to Long Duc Dong, hard Chapstic on Sam's leg and the birth control pill breath mints. I'm sure she must have felt it was one of the worst parenting decisions she ever made!

Don't worry Mum it was the BEST decision you ever made! I freaking love this movie and know every single line by heart. I still have a secret girl crush on Molly Ringwald. Thankfully even she got a a little pudgy with age!!


Jocelyn said...

My favorite was Breakfast Club!

32point5 said...

Jocelyn -- Breakfast Club is so amazing as well. I'll always watch it when they replay it on TV.

Sara said...

That is a great film and one of my favorites too!

Sacred Suzie said...

I was HUGE John Hughes fan and totally love his movies. For me it was all about Some Kind of Wonderful but all of them came second. This one in particular felt so real and authentic, who knew a guy could understand what it was like to be a 16-year-old girl?!

BTW, totally love your zombie story! That rocked! So much fun and all the screaming kids, LOL, too awesome.