Friday, July 25, 2008

That's it Paper Boy!!

Ok, let's check the calendar here....FRIDAY, July 25, 2008, 10:47 pm. I am well into the wine part of what my friend KB has nick-named 'Friday Flyer and Fine Wine Night' but there are no flyer's OR paper to be found. Seriously, paper-boy, you better stay clear from me come collection time. Luckily, the Thursday paper had my grocery flyers, but with no Friday paper, how am I supposed to know who died this week? (Yes, sadly, I have a sick addiction to reading obituaries. I figure if I don't see my own name, all's good).

Ha, Ha I'm watching some show on TV called "Living on the Edge" playing on MTV Canada coming over from MTV has closed captioning. Come on people, when did speaking the English language come to the point of needing closed captioning in "English".....God, I hope they don't start CC'ing Coronation Street!!! Hmm, just finished watching, it's no "Hills" if you ask me. LC, Audrina and Brody (pant, pant) where are you?

I am slightly obsessed with MTV, Food Network and the News. Basically, this is all I watch. Oh and Martha too, I freakin' love it when she calls her staff out for not giving her exactly what she is "looking" for.

On to tonight's Friday night wine selection. Since my husband is off camping I choose a "Rose". Because the last wine I had from Kim Crawford was sooo good; I picked a 2007 Pansy! Rose. I googled the wine and read that "Kim" is actually a guy and get this, this is the "worlds first gay wine". This wine is rated only an 85 and has a price point of $17.00 from the Vintages section at the LCBO. I've never had a rose before, it's ok I guess. Nothing really sticking out, other than the fact that a third of the way into the bottle and I'm pretty much hammed. If that is what sells a wine for you, go for it!

Tomorrow I actually might have something exciting happening, I can almost guarantee it! Come back to check it out. 11:34 pm, still no paper.....GRRRRRR.


Anonymous said...

No need to worry...I checked Friday's paper and you are are not in it...LOL. SD

32point5 said...

Phew, thank Goodness!!