Thursday, July 24, 2008

S'more Granola Bars

Hey there once again. As promised, here is the treat I made yesterday. The recipe is called
S'More Granola Bars from

S'More Granola Bars


Tasting notes according to the husband: These bars are like a dense granola with speckles of chocolate and marshmallow. Not too sweet and awesome with a cup of tea. (I prefer them nice and cold out of the fridge, sigh however not part of the 32point5 plan at this time). To my friend SD, please DO NOT eat these, I'm sure they'd kill you! Instantly!


Once again a nice 5 KM walk/jog with my dog today. Each day I am trying to jog just a little bit further than the last day. I ate very well today until I got home from work. There might have been some chili and tortilla chips waiting there for me calling my name. How could I resist, it will be the last time I have dinner with my husband again until Sunday; plus he made it! (and thankfully I didn't eat too much during the day).

See, this is one of those boring days where nothing exciting happened. You'll just have to check back cause tomorrow might be different! Maybe?


Anonymous said...

They sure do look yummy!!! You have spurred me on to get up off my couch. Starting Monday...(not today of'm going to start walking 5km every day. Wish me luck. SD

32point5 said...

SD--For YOUR bennefit only I will say they suck. For the rest the population not alergic to chocolate, they are SCRUMPTIOUS!!

I am really excited to see that I have motivated you to pick back up on the walking. If you ever need a walking buddy or a kick in the butt, call me!
I am no example today, too lazy, plus it's Friday!