Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I cooked some beets today for my dinner at work. I love beets! The only way I can describe their taste is they remind me of dirt; a really earthy garden taste.

This leads me to a funny story, my parents were over a few weeks back. I was having BBQ and decided to roast some baby beets on the top grill wrapped in tin foil as a side dish. The next morning my mother comes to me looking very worried. She says, "your father has a kidney stone; I think it's starting to move, there was blood in the bowl"..(sorry)..I look at her and say "Mum, Daddy had beets last night". With a quick little gasp and look of relief, "oh, that's right I forgot". Ha, Ha...I just look at eating beets as a way to ensure that my bodily functions are working well and quick. Their like a little self check up.


Today has just been the usual wake up, another 5 KM walk with the Big Man and Dog. I love my dog. We got her from a rescue society. She is a lab/pit mix. We got her before the ban on pit-bulls in Ontario. Oh yeah, I did have a lovely lunch today of fresh homemade pesto on egg noodles with a Schnitzel (frozen from fresh) that we had bought at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market a few Thursdays ago.

My husband has a camping trip with work mates this weekend so I just baked a treat for him to take....but that's for tomorrow. There, now you have a reason to come back and check it out. See ya then.


mom said...

Dad goes to the urologist Monday, July 28 to see what will happen with his kidney stone. Just checked out your blog today - don't know when you find time to write it - I have trouble finding time to just read my e-mails once a month. I'm off to Elmhurst Lodge with my Red Hat gals Monday for lunch. With your baking and my lunching, we are both going to have trouble reaching smaller waistlines. anyway, great job, babe. love, Mom

32point5 said...

Mum -- I'm sure Daddy will be fine. Thanks for looking at the blog. This will be good when you and Daddy are gone away for the winter.
Have fun with the Red-Hatters, try and behave youselves!!