Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away!

First up, this picture was from this morning’s rain storm. Ugh, will the rain ever end? OK, I do appreciate that my lawn and gardens have never looked this lush; however overnight EVERYTHING doubles in size. I just had it all perfect, now it is overgrown and drooping from the heavy rains. I need the rain to stop in order to chop everything back to normal.

The storm was so bad this afternoon that the blinds were swaying in the windows at work. Keep in mind that I am on the 22nd floor of a 23 high office building. I always work afternoons, in the winter when it's dark out, you can see the reflection from the ceiling lights swaying because the window’s flex so much in the wind. Don’t even get me started on the death trap, never opening, bouncing elevators.

On to a fun crafty project. I have two Senior Managers that are expecting babies in August. Over the last few days I made the following “Diaper Burp Cloths” as gifts for them. I based them loosely on the tutorial provided by Chickpea Sewing Studio.

Diaper Burp Cloths


Let me tell you something my friends, if you choose to use cloth diapers for whatever purpose, do yourself a favor and just purchase flannel from the fabric store. For the amount of money I paid for two packages of cloth diapers, I could have bought a ton of flannel, cut it into squares and serged the edges. I’m not saying that these did not turn out beautiful, but I just think the price of the cloth diapers is a rip-off. Mind you if you have to buy a sewing machine and a serger, it might not be so economical after all. What-ev, you decide, I just happen to have those handy.

Burp Cloths


That’s about it for today, walked (jogged, *snort* if you can call it that) 5 km (3.1 miles) in 47 minutes on the treadmill, some stretches, push ups and squats. Made lunch and went to work. If you’re reading, I hope you had a good day too!

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