Sunday, July 27, 2008

Harbour Day

Our friends Mr. and Mister invited us over to their house this past Saturday to enjoy "Harbour Days". Their home is absolutely beautiful. I'm posting pictures of the outside of their house. If you think this is beautiful, just imagine the inside 100 x's better.

Mr. Misters house

They have plans all drawn up to expand the side, back, and top of their house beginning next summer. Final dream is to have their portion of the house, a rental unit and a B + B suite. Trust me, this would be the ultimate in luxury. Going to Mr. Misters house is like a 10 star resort if this is at all possible.

Their garden has won a "5 Bloom" award as part of the "Communities in Bloom" project. I thought I did OK with gardening. Ha, not.

Saturday was horrible again with rain. As soon as we arrived at their house, the rain stopped and sun started to shine. We sat out on the front porch, had a few drinks, and some yummy appetisers while wandering the gardens.

So pretty! The fantastic thing about having friends with tons of perennials is that they are always trying to thin out their plants and end up giving them away for free....Free!! Yes, I said free. I sense my yard will be all the much prettier next year thanks to them.

OK today? Better than the last time!

After our light refreshments, it was just a short walk over to the Marina where we enjoyed the lovely day and Harbour Day festivities.

Harbour Day!

MMM, breezy!

T and M checking things out

You would almost think that T was sailing the boat. She used to have her own sailboat up to a few years ago. I am sure this was bringing back nothing but sweet memories.

T and R....feeling good!

We all came back to the house where Mr. and Mister made us the best dinner of Greek Kabob's, spinach and bean sprout salad and a rice dish. R was nice enough to share his secret recipe with me. Don't you worry, this dish will be sure to be showcased on 32point5 in the near future. So simple, so easy, but the taste was amazing.

R and J. J is T's husband

Many drinks later, the finale was on it's way. Fireworks viewed from the porch! I know, how much better could this day have been.

I Love this one!

M+R Criss-Cross Coaster


As a hostess gift I made this set of Criss-Cross Coasters. The tutorial is over at "Allsorts" blog. I love her blog. She is a children's book illustrator and artist. Her home is just beyond belief. I hope that you click over and pay her a visit, fabulous all around.

I want to thank M + R for such a fantastic day! The Big Man is super jealous that he missed all the fun. Ha, Ha Sucker!

Quick little 32point5 update; other than blowing the booze consumption yesterday, I have been eating well and on Saturday I did 5 KM in 44:30 and today 5 KM in 43:10. Tomorrow is weight and measurement day. I feel confident that there should be shrinkage all around, just not as much as last week. Hope you are doing great, check back soon.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! A fun time was had by all!

Anonymous said...

Love yer blog, S. We had a great time and it was so nice you've "captured" these moments for posterity. Love ya, J.

32point5 said...

J. --- Aww, Thanks! Right back at ya.