Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ahhh...I am a freaking genius!!!

Today's post was going to be a beg and plead out to anyone who understands HTML coding and the uploading of photo's from Flickr to Blogger.

But hey, I figured it out on my own. It was driving me absolutely nuts that I was able to upload JPG's from my computer with no problem. However, the photo's linked from Flickr were too big and were always being cut off on the right hand side and not showing the red border all around.

Above is a JPG link from computer


Above is a link from Flickr

I updated the html coding in the layout to the following:

Header -- Header wrapper width to 700px

Outerwraper -- Outer wrapper width to 700px, Main wrapper 510px, Sidebar wrapper 180px

This new html coding in the layout page seems to have corrected everything. I am so proud of myself. I don't really know anything about computers, but I want my blog to look nice. Hope you can notice the changes and think they look great. (Hope this might help others struggling with this issue as well.)

Enough of the geeky-stuff for today. Other than the above which took about 4 hours of my day; it was a same-old-same-old day. Right now I am watching "Deadliest Catch" on The Discovery Network. It is narrated by Mike Rowe from "Dirty Jobs".

Mmmm, Mike Rowe, you dirty, dirty boy!! Ah, bed time!