Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vacation = Another Reno Project

Like most of our vacations, if we don't go away, we tend to tackle some sort of home improvement project. This time we chose our front entry doors.

After two price quotes at about $5,000.00 each for new entry doors, we decided to go the less expensive option and try and improve them ourselves.

Our main complaint about our front doors were the builders window inserts. You can see by the picture above that they had to cut a chunk out of the window framing in order to fit the insert plate (that is normally behind the lock).

This creative cutting was not only on the outside doors but also on the inside doors. I can see if it was a fluke, but EVERY house in our neighbourhood has the same cut-outs. Obviously this must have been a measure once and cut situation!

After the doors were out, and it being a sweltering 38 degrees out, we tried to keep the AC in the house. No such luck, Big Man still sweat off 7 pounds during the whole process.

Doors sanded and ready for painting in the oven; sorry, I mean the garage. Two coats and 10 hours later they were dry enough to add the new window inserts and hardware.

We are trying to do as much home improvements, within budget, as we can this year. The Canadian Government is allowing you a 15% Home Renovation Tax Credit for the 2009 taxation year.

It took us a total of 3 days to complete this project.

It was not one of the easiest projects, but for about 17% of the cost of the original price quotes, I'm definitely satisfied and proud of our efforts. -- Amazing how we could get the door locks to fit properly!

Our vacation was not a full working holiday, we also spent a great day out in Kingston, Ontario with my cousin and his wife, thanks Nerrad and Map! There were birthday celebrations at The Keg and a visit to the Farmer's Market in St. Jacob's.
Now I'm just really tired and need a vacation from my vacation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kids - Love the new inserts and door colours - very classy. Dad wants to know, does his key still fit. D & P coming for day tomorrow (Monday) bringing T, A working. Glad you got some time to relax. Love, Mom

nerrad said...

Nerrad thinks you guys did a wonderful job on the front doors. They look awesome. We also had a great time during your visit. How was ST. Jacobs

crazyquiltlady said...

Wow I am impressed - great job