Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Garage Doors!

Just a quick post to show off our new garage doors. Below are the awful doors we had....

and these are the brand new doors. I love them so much! The new doors are so quiet when they go up and down. Only minor downfall is the lack of daylight since we chose to not have windows.

We had Durham Doors arrange the purchase and installation. Great Guys, excellent quality product and I would recommend them to anyone in an instant!

Went to the Legends Centre gym in Oshawa with Quilting Newbie this morning. I'm so very proud of her; she has stuck firm to her commitment of a new healthy living!! That's about it for now. I have a new quilt picture for me next post.....see you soon.


Sara said...

I love the new garage doors, they look great! And the front doors look brand spankin' new! They are both awesome!!

garage doors said...

yeah new garage doors are really awesome but services are too important on time.