Friday, June 12, 2009

Bye Bye Water Bell

One of my favourite things about our town was the Water Bell. I work so far away, it was always a welcome sight in the horizon knowing that I was almost home.

Sadly she is now gone. There is an article about it here from our local paper. You can't really make it out on the lower left hand side; but during the night some kids went up a spray painted "Brooklin Boys-Boo Ya!" Yowza, we really have some toughies in our town -- watch out!

It's so funny, any type of vandalism you might see is quickly cleaned up within a few days. That's what I like about our neighbourhood, everyone knows that shit-heads and messy houses are not allowed. Brooklin membership has it's privileges!

In other news, my Poppy gave me five magnificent blooms this week, with no rain to really damage them.

My husband even took the picture below for me today so I wouldn't miss out on it.

I'm working on another baby quilt this weekend. Saturday is busy, playing tennis in the morning with my husband, a walk to the farmers market in the afternoon with a girlfriend and going to a sneak peek of The Proposal with another girlfriend in the evening.
I plan to spend the evenings with Edward. Enjoy your weekend!


crazyquiltlady said...

So sad when a landmark is taken down- it does change the face of your town-

Cousin C said...

Hey, sad to see it come down...

Just wondering whats the best way to email, message etc you guys? Your about the last ive gotten chance to mention it to directly but May 22, 2010 would be a great time to bring the big man East...hint hint lol

And Pheob says big hi back!