Monday, March 30, 2009

March Girls Night Out

Just wanted to pop in and say Hi and give a few updates.

I had super fun on Saturday night with the girls. Much food, beverages, giggling and dance floor stalkers!

The running plan is going along nicely. All this month I only missed yesterday, but did my 5 K run tonight instead. I'm on a training course at work this week which means working 8 to 4 and traffic....grrrr!! I have finished and hung my fly away home quilt, pictures to follow shortly. I've already started working on another quilt.

Not much else is new except for the GREAT possibility of going away in May with some friends. We're contemplating Punta Cana (I love it, Punta Cana sounds like a dirty word for lady parts)! Anyhow, does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere warm you have gone to and enjoyed?

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Marilyn said...

Hey! We look pretty good. And I always thought the same thing about Punta Cana. I could never say it with a straight face. Good job on the running. Proud of ya !!