Monday, January 12, 2009

Elvis the Pelvis....??

It has been a disgustingly long time since I have provided a 32point5 status update. Since it's Monday and a week into the "New Year" no time like the present.

First off I want to explain a medical issue that I have been dealing with for about a year now. Last year around December, they got us new chairs at work. They are supposed to be great ergonomic chairs, but I found they were so hard. For lack of a more polite word, my butt started to really hurt.

Ischium = Letter F

I went to my family doctor and told her how much my butt was hurting. Basically she just gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and told me to ice and rest the area. I was also going to my Chiropractor, some times up to three times a week. After months with no improvement, he suggested I go back to my family doctor and ask to have x-rays done. By this time, the pain had crept from my butt into my groin/hip with ever increasing pain.

If I unexpectedly knock my left leg, the pain is so fierce that I will gasp outloud! I can no longer sit comfortably anywhere which is hard to do when I drive 2 hours a day to work and have a desk job. I can move my left leg over to the right, and forwards and backwards with no pain but not outward to the left.

The x-rays have revealed that I have bone spurs on my left Ischium, letter F on the diagram above. I'm not sure how they formed but basically the muscles and what-not that surround the bone are tight and pull on the bone making it grow the spurs. It's the spurs that are creating the pain and limiting my hip extension and movement.

I have to give a huge amount of love out to my husband. I feel bad for all the money that I have spent on doctors and "remedies". Not once has he lost his patience with me; and trust me I've been a Super-Bitch at times!

There is no "cure" however the number one recommendation is weight loss to take the pressure off the joints. So hence, the 32point5 plan is not only to make me hawt, but to help relieve the pain in my butt.

I have been using a free daily food journal over at My Calorie Counter. As you add a food, it stays in your lists, so it's really easy and fast to journal your daily food consumption and physical activity. There are really interesting charts and graphs once you have enough information stored for comparison. For my height, weight and physical activity levels, I need to consume about 1460 calories a day to lose 20 pounds by the beginning of May.

Below is an example from Thursday, see how nicely it shows the comparison of my intake against the RDA-recommended daily allowance. I have noticed that I eat too much protein and consume too much sodium. Go a head, try it out and let me know how well you do.

Thanks for the support to everyone who has had to listen to my constant moaning for the last year. Giant hugs and kisses!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your pain in the butt. I am sure it is most uncomforable. Thanks for the address of the free calorie counter.

Momma Newbie

mom said...

Where do you find these sites? I have entered my profile and hopefully I will be better at recording what I eat than I am on my Tops chart. I gave the site info to some of my exercise ladies. Thanks!

32point5 said...

Hi Momma Newbie and Mom! Glad you like the food journal site. I am finding it tremendously useful. I find that it is really altering my thought process and food choices now that I am realising how many calories and nutrients are in the choices I make.

Mom, I was just thinking this morning that it would be a useful tool to share with your TOPS buddies. Good luck!

Sara said...

Bone spurs on your butt...who would have thought...

I do hope that you achieve your goal of 32.5 and that your bone spurs do get better.