Sunday, September 7, 2008

This favorite band of all time.

"No Sleep Till Brooklyn".....Beastie Boys, nuff said.

Beastie Boys

OMG where to start, the year was 1986 and I was in grade nine. A band called the "Beastie Boys" came on the scene and totally changed the way we suburban kids listened to music, dressed and acted.

I remember being so in love (if that is possible at age 14/15) with a guy named Paul G. He had the actual vinyl album of "Licensed to Ill". I swear all of us in our group of friends made a "cassette tape" recoding off his album. Ahh, it's been nothing but good times I've been reflecting on since Wednesday when this weeks "This is" was supplied by CurlyPops.

Back in the eighties, there was rampant vandalism of VW's with kids stealing the hood emblems to hang from long chains copying the Beastie Boy style. It's kinda funny now that I live in a town called Brooklin and drive a Volkswagen. Thankfully the Big Man and I still love the Beastie Boys, their discs are always in constant rotation between our cars.

My favorite songs are "Paul Revere", "Sabotage" and "Ringfinger"--huh, what? Just testing, I had to throw in the Nine Inch Nails as well.

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Jocelyn said...

Paul's Boutique! OMG. Best BB's EVER!