Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Flyer and Fine Wine Night

Woo, hoo--Friday!! My paper boy has certainly smartened up lately and according to my husband he had a little girly-friend with him last collection day.

As I peruse all my lovely flyers tonight I'll be enjoying a glass of Peller Estates French Cross Malbec-Cabernet. Price point $10.95/1 L.

Don't be discouraged by the awful Tetra Pak. Surprisingly I have found some truly tasty wines that are being sold in this new type of packaging. Tetra Pak's are great for taking on the go since no corkscrew is needed and generally they won't break.

It also appears that Tetra Pak's don't seem to be spotted on x-ray like bottles are. This might be especially handy when your smuggling them onto a cruise ship. Don't ask me how I know this and I won't be forced to tell.

This is how Peller Estates described this wine:
Medium bodied with flavours of plum, spice, cherry and blackberry. Hints of chocolate and vanilla touch the palate. Serve with grilled burgers, red sauce pastas, stews, pizza and mild cheeses.

I found this to be a nice light, easy drinking, berry-type wine. I really enjoyed it and think it has the potential to become part of our "house wine" selection.


Sara said...

Hope you enjoyed your Friday, and that delicious sounding wine! By the way, love the diaper pad

jen said...

Excellent (though not romantic) packaging! We don't it here yet, but I'm sure it's coming.

32point5 said...

Sara -- I always enjoy a good Friday. Thanks for the nice compliment.

Jen -- Woo, Hoo! Thanks for dropping in. I agree not very romantic at all, but sadly economical which helps all of us out :-)