Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Update

Out of all my plans for this weekend, this is the only one I can scratch off my to-do list. I have 18 cupboards in my kitchen but for some reason I can not find the perfect flow for all my stuff. Out of that 18 I would say 7 of them are useless because of where they are positioned. I decided to put my "dry goods" in the top of my kitchen buffet.


I used to have all my wine and martini glasses in there. Now with all this stuff in there it was looking pretty ugly. I decided to line the back of the glass with fabric.

I chose the fabric mostly because of the colour but also because the pattern reminds me of Sashiko Japanese Embroidery.


It was easy project to complete:

1) removed the glass that was being held in place with those little tabs like you find on the back of picture frames or really old mirrors

2) rough cut the fabric and used some spray starch on the back of the to give it a little more body
3) spray glued the back of the fabric and stuck it to some brown poster board

4) trimmed the fabric piece along with a secondary piece of poster board to fit the size of the glass

5) reattached the glass, fabric, second poster board and all secured with the tabs

Pretty simple, about 2 hours beginning to end with a total cost around $12.00.

Plants from Mister R's garden


Now on to the unplanned part of the weekend. Remember my friends Mr. Mister....? Well Mister R. called this afternoon and asked if I wanted to swing by and pick up some plants. That's right people, look at that bounty of FREE plants. It filled the back of my trunk and then some.


Mister R. generously gave me Hosta's, Day Lilly's, Iris's, Coral Bell's, Ornamental Grass, Coreopsis and one other tall plant below on the right that I have already forgotten the name of. I spread them throughout the side and back yard. I hope all will survive.

Before Mister R. calling, I had a very unexpected phone call. About a month ago, we went to a house party at a colleague of my husbands that live in the same town we do. Out of the blue his wife called today and asked if I wanted to go out for a walk. This was so nice of her and it was really great to make a new friend so close to home.

Ultimately nothing went according to plan this weekend, but it turned out better than I could have ever anticipated. Hope you weekend was great as well.


jocelyn said...

I was going to say you could resolve your cabinent issue by ordering new ones from Ikea (like I just did). They're cheap and cool and the deliver from their website now! BUT, looks like you resolved it quite nicely on your own. Looks great!


32point5 said...

Jocelyn --- Ahh Ikea, love them. They have the best TV commercials. Thanks for the nice cabinet compliment; just trying to make do with what I have...currently the kitchen is to oakey/country-ish for our tastes...if only I was made of money!!!