Saturday, August 2, 2008

Raspberry-Marzipan Coffee Cake

The other day I left you with this tempting picture as a clue to my next post. Every Wednesday during the summer the building I work in hosts a farmers market. These raspberries looked so lovely I had to buy them.



I decided to make a Raspberry-Marzipan Coffee Cake from a Betty Crocker Cookbook that my cousin's wife gave to me years ago. (FYI -- link to recipe is in title, sentence above)


See those hand-held beaters. I've had them for about 15 years. My Mum gave them to me when I moved out on my own for the very first time. I'll cry when they finally give up the ghost. I am so sentimentally in love with them because of all the fun we've had together in the kitchen.


This however, is my second pastry cutter, I'm sure it wont be my last either. I always end up bending and jamming the wires when I open and close utensil drawer I store it in.

It kind of looks like chunks of butter up there but that is the marzipan. Usually I have slivered almonds in the fridge; but of course at 10 at night when I was making this it was a bad time to realize I had none. Oh well, still turned out fine but looks much prettier with the toasty almonds.

Raspberry-Marzipan Coffee Cake

My Big Man is working this weekend so I packed up a tin containing the cake along with Chocolate Macaroon's. I think the Macaroon's were the bigger hit since the recipe was requested. Don't worry, the recipe for those will follow soon.

Raspberry Marzipan Coffee Cake and Chocolate Macaroons

Since we missed out on "Friday Flyer and Fine Wine Night" let's catch up and review last nights selection. From France, Georges Duboeuf 2006 Chateau de Javernand Chiroubles, according to the bottle: Very fragrant and refreshing with accents of iris and violet. Supple and fruity on the palate. My favorite type of wine is a light, berry-licious Beaujolais, this would be a perfect fit. Price point $17.00 from Vintages at the LCBO.

Not my bottle, but lable is almost exact!


Jocelyn said...

Holy *&%* that looks good. Any left? Come over.

32point5 said...

Which one; cake, cookies or wine? All three were fantastic. I'll be over in a bit! ;-)