Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lunch at Work

Nothing too exciting has happened since the weekend, so I thought I would invite you to have lunch with me today at work.

New KitchenAid Knife

My salad consisted of tomato, cucumber, red onion and navy beans, topped off with some fresh parsley and sage from my herb garden. For the dressing I squeezed a lime with some olive oil, Splenda, salt, pepper, dry mustard powder, a pinch of cumin and chili powder. I also cut up an apple and an orange for snacks before and after the salad.

I purchased a new KitchenAid 7 inch Santoku Knife, which normally sells for $24.99 on sale for $9.97 this weekend from Canadian Tire. This knife is fantastically sharp. It is totally making prep work so much fun; I do however foresee stitches or a lopped off finger sometime in my future.

I like my BYO Rambler Lunch Bag; it's made from the same stuff as wet-suits. It keeps things cool if you put a tiny ice pack inside and is cute looking. Just a tad too small in my opinion. I guess that might be a good thing, cause really, how much does one need to eat for lunch at work? (Hence need for 32point5 plan, notice the book where I write everything down, cough). *Breakfast was Wasa crackers topped with cottage cheese and pepper, mmm fiber and protein*

Desk View

This is the view (almost) from my desk. If you look way off in the distance you can see the CN Tower. It was kind of cloudy today, so not the best picture. Thanks for sharing lunch with me today. See you soon!


Quilting Newbie said...

Lunch was great...thanks for sharing it with your readers. I LOVE your lunch bag. Very nifty. The knife you got from CT looks like a great buy. I'm not allowed to have sharp knifes in my kitchen...LOL.

Annie Lafleur said...

"Louise" ..that was most interesting...just like my rat pack looked interesting to you the other did a most interesting and a job well done with your Bolg...congratulations on everything...but tell me one thing ..."where do you find the time"?...and about the sure have patients to prepare everything that you made for lunch.....keep on with the blogs I enjoyed it

32point5 said...

Annie -- Thanks for the lovely comments regarding my blog. Personally I think my life is really boring (plus I have no kids) so that's pretty much how I have so much free time to do "stuff". Thanks for sharing lunch with me and hope to see you back real soon!! "Louise"