Friday, July 18, 2008

Yeah, it's Friday

Ahh, Friday! I love Friday's, want to know why? Because the "Whitby this Week" comes on Friday filled with all my lovely grocery flyers. My weekly ritual is to come home from work and have a nice refreshing alcoholic beverage and enjoy my flyers. But wait, something is a miss this week.....NO GROCERY FLYERS. WTF!!! Grr, now I am forced to look at all my favorites on line at "Flyer Mall". Listen up paper boy, no $6.00 for you this collection period! I mean it!!

On to better things. We tend to be a red wine family here. Since it has been such a lovely summer, I have slowly been trying to convince the husband to try some nice chilled white wines.

Quick little review of last weeks and this weeks choices:

1) Kim Crawford 2006 MARLBOROUGH SAUVIGNON BLANC, New Zealand

Rated a 94. Beautiful, Beautiful wine. Tasted so good! Light, crisp and really grapey. If you see this wine, buy it. Price point was around $22.oo from the vintages section. Nice treat for sure.


Rated a 92. Price point was about $15.00 from Vintages. Hmm, I think I would have to argue the 92 rating considering how fantabulous the Kim Crawford was. This is an oaked Chardonnay, making it a bit heavier (I guess....I am no expert in having a palate in whites). It is definitely not horrible, but just a little bit sweet for me, more fruity than grapey. Not so bad that I won't be rejecting a second glass tonight.

Well, that's it for today. Hope you had a great day, I did. 5 KM walk with Husband and Dog. Again, remember to come back and visit soon cause I'm sure something exciting will happen sooner or later.

PS....huge shout out to my BIL in New Zealand! Thanks for looking and give big hugs and kisses to the family. I miss you all very much!


Anonymous said...

Hey U! Great blog! Very professional! Where do U find the time?! I must agree with U on the enjoyment that the Whitby News Advertiser brings each week in the form of flyers! It too is a ritual of mine to enjoy a cocktail while perusing the flyers & constructing a shopping list 4 the week! We should start a 'Friday Flyer and Fine Wine Night'... LOL!
Your fellow Brooklinite,
K. :)

32point5 said...

K. -- Thanks for the comments....ohh, Friday Flyer and Fine Wine Night in the happy town of Brooklin, sounds like a plan, and since I should not drink and drive I am sure the walk counteracts the wine and snack calories. Right??!! Hope to see you soon!