Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brooklin Farmer's Market

Hey there, how's today going?

Has been a very active day for me today. I started the day by reading the paper and walking down to the Brooklin Farmer's Market. Below you will see that I bought mini yellow and green zucchini's, tomatoes, baby potatoes, a red onion, some unknown green vegetable that I already forgot the name of, 1/2 loaf of Sunflower Rye bread, a French Stick, and finally an apple strudel. Ignore the latter, because I am sure it does not fit into the 32point5 plan. I swear the husband is the only one who is going to eat it, cough, cough.

July 19


Anyways, I had a girlfriend over today to watch her Ricky Tims quilting DVD. Some of you may know that I really enjoy quilting (I know, geek-o-rama), let's just say this guy is amazing!

So while my friend was visiting; we had a light lunch today of Bruschetta that I made from the tomatoes and french stick purchased at the farmer's market, along with fresh basil from my herb garden. I also made "Cantaloupe with Honey and Lime" from the "Great Food Fast" cookbook from Martha Stewart. This book is fantastic, really simple meals that turn out fantastic every time. The first time I read it I had borrowed it from the Library, we thought is was so good that we went and bought the book to always have it around for dinner inspiration.

Well that's about it for today. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. If you're around here, remember to drink plenty of's hot out there! See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said... have your own blog. I'm so excited!!!! I will officially tell all your readers that lunch was great. Loved the Bruschetta and the cantalope. It was very very tasty. I had a wonderful afternoon visiting you and my favourite puppy in the world.

32point5 said...

Anonymous...however since you were here, thanks for the lunch compliment and for a lovely afternoon together.