Sunday, July 20, 2008

Laundry Day

Hey there once again, how's things today, great I hope.

Well today was very rainy outside so no fun stuff like gardening today. Today I did yoga, a bit of grocery shopping, some sewing and a mountain of laundry. I also had a friend drop by, it was a nice unexpected surprise. It was really great to have a chat about things that are going on in our lives.

I was lucky girl today, my husband made us our main meal. Just like yesterday, it is from the "Great Food Fast" cookbook by Martha Stewart. The dish was called "Pasta with Lentils and Arugula". It was very yummy and also helped me determine that the unknown green vegetable from the farmers market yesterday was indeed arugula.


** Just as a side note to some of you who are new to reading blogs. When I mention certain things and highlight them in the red lettering, there is a web-link embedded to what I am talking about. For instance today, if you click on the recipe title in the paragraph above; you see that I have included the web page showing this recipe. Also you can click on any of my pictures and it will either show a bigger picture or directly link to my Flickr page. Hope this little tid-bit of information helps you enjoy my blog even more **

Tomorrow morning is the first big recording of all the scary 32point5 statistics. So, unless all hell breaks loose tonight, I am confident that there will be a decline in those numbers. See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm have book marked your blog and will absolutley be back. sd

Anonymous said...

come on girl,YOU should be cooking hubby the meal, meet him at the door with a nice cool beverge, big kiss, get him to sit down whilst u make dinner and keep his drinks up to him........but remember that man cant live on bread alone!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers from Oz....Brendan

32point5 said...

SD--thanks for the bookmark

Brendan -- Ha, Ha, you're so funny! He could only wish that life could be that good. However if the 32point5 plan works, he could be treated to better underwear!! BIG GRIN...miss you all XOXO