Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sweet Cherry Pie

The first blog that I ever "found" was Smitten Kitchen. This was about a year ago and I have been a faithful follower of hers ever since.



I have a beautiful cherry tree in my yard that gave an over-abundance of fruit this year. There were so many cherries that I was giving them away by the bagful to my friends, neighbours and co-workers. I love to cook and bake (hence the need for 32point5). I have never, ever made a pie so I decided to try Deb's recipe for "Sweet Cherry Pie".


The recipe calls for adding almond extract, at this point the scent was fantastic. I was so surprised that everything was going along so smoothly for my first ever pie attempt. I love that green-flowered pyrex bowl. I found it about a month ago at Value Village for like $4.00.


I popped it in the oven and hoped for the best. The pie starts at 400 degrees, the shortening and butter within the crust started to spill over and smoke. My fire alarm kept going off. I eventually had to put a fan under the alarm to stop it, there is only so much frantic tea-towel waiving I could stand. Oh well, at least my oven got a really good clean!


Alas, in the end it was beautiful, tasty and so worth the effort. Yeah to my first pie ever.


Jocelyn said...

Ahhhhh the Smitten Kitchen. I've actually been in it! Anyway, my diet recommendation is vodka & Adderall. But I am also known for giving horrible advice. Ha! Good luck.


32point5 said...

Jocelyn -- OMFG. I can not even express how MUCH you comment means to me. I am such an avid (ok addicted, but not in the bad stalker kind of way) to yours, Deb's and your sister Lauren's blogs. You three were my big inspiration to give this whole blog thing a go.
Please, let Smitten know what a food inspiration she is to me. I hope you check back. Again, THANK YOU for all the enjoyment I get from sharing your life with us through your blog "Rock Star Diary".