Monday, July 14, 2008

Official start date

So, today is the official start of the “32point5” plan.

I don’t intend to dwell daily on the boring stuff like what I ate, if I exercised and how much I measure and weigh (ugh).

For background information, the following picture was taken of me on Saturday, July 12/2008. Not my prettiest for sure, but hey, we went to an amazing house party the night before; the haggard look is well deserved. I don’t think that I am GINORMOUS, but I need to lose about 25-35 pounds to reach a healthy frame and weight. I recorded all the awful numbers this morning and once the goal has been met, I will most certainly post the stats.

Ugh, Me

Not much happened today, went for a big walk (5 km) with my husband. Work, then home to update the “motivation” blog.

If you’re reading this, hope you had a great day! Stay tuned; I’m sure something interesting should happen sooner or later.

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