Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CSA Week 12

Week 12 of my half share delivery from Cooper's CSA Farm & Maze brought MELONS!

There was a small seedless Watermelon and two Passport Melons.  The Passport Melons smelled amazing from the outside and had a bright yellow rind.  I was really surprised that they were light green like a Honeydew on the inside!  They were all fantastic.

Also included were Tomatillos, Yellow Beans, a Tomato and Garlic. The Tomato looked a little rough but was just perfect and so tasty, so unlike the flavourless ones from the grocery store.  We all got to enjoy it sliced on top of BBQ'ed Hamburgers.

I can't believe that the share season is already half over!  This summer has gone by so quickly; how come winter seems to last forever?

This past week has been so busy with getting the house ready for sale. My Parents have been fantastic help!  They have cleaned and organized the whole house making it look spectacular inside and out.

My Dad held a Garage Sale last Saturday and made $235.50!!  Huh, I guess "One man's garbage is another man's gold" really is true?

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