Sunday, July 17, 2011

CSA Week 6

This week so far has been my favourite from Cooper's CSA Farm & Maze!
As per my weekly email from Lisa and Steve:  "This weeks basket includes; snow peas (do not pod), a small bunch of beets, including the beet greens, (use these in salads, or steam like spinach), zucchini, fresh garlic, a cucumber, head of lettuce and fresh new white potatoes. (superior variety)".

GARLIC!!  I love fresh garlic it beats the poop out of the stuff you find at the grocery store!  I used it in Chicken Fajita's on Saturday and in a marinade for Steak on Sunday.

3 Zucchini's--that's a challenge in itself!  I sauteed two with the Snow Peas in a chicken broth, thyme and cornstarch glaze.

The rest was used to make "Chocolate Chip Orange Zucchini Bread".  This has been a go to recipe I found at All Recipes a few years back.  It makes two loaves that slice and freeze perfectly.  If you decide to make this, be sure to beat the eggs and sugar until they look "lemony fluffy white"; this is really what makes or breaks this recipe.

I spent most of this weekend using my long arm quilting frame to stitch a clam shell pattern onto a charity quilt my Mom and I have been working on.  We will be donating it to my cousin to raffle off for the "Make a Wish Eastern Ontario" chapter in the fall.

This weeks newly blooming flower was a Day Lilly.  The cat in the background is my neighbour's cat "Misty".  Every time I come back from a run she hangs around with me while I "stretch things out"; she's a sweetie.  A co-worker gave me an orange miniature Poppy that continues to keep flowering.

Sunday's dinner:  garlic marinated BBQ steak, boiled beats, sauteed zucchini and snow peas, grilled foil pack potatoes with sage -- delish!!

Wow, Southern Ontario really need some rain!  My grass has stopped growing and is brown and dry.  I've been watering my potted plants which seem to be surviving so far.  My poor herb garden is so wilted; I'll have to water it tomorrow morning for sure.
This week has been really hard for running (ok, who are we kidding, slow jogging).  After my run on Saturday I seriously almost passed out twice!  Once while picking up dry cleaning and then driving for groceries.  I had to buy and chug a Gatorade--please try to keep cool and power down the liquids.  

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