Sunday, July 3, 2011

CSA Week 4

This weeks share from Cooper's CSA Farm & Maze contained Asparagus, Large Green Onions, Garlic Scapes, Savoy Cabbage, Red and Romaine Lettuce and a Zucchini -- the box was heavy and could hardly be closed!

I've been taking salads for my lunch at work and popping lettuce into my husband's sandwiches.  The Asparagus was grilled to go along with Turkey Burgers that I blended Scapes and Green Onions into the patty mix.  We still haven't used the Savoy Cabbage; not sure exactly what to do with it?

Wednesdays, Watson's Farm has a table outside of the subway station by my work.  I picked up 2 baskets of Strawberries for $8.00 and made Strawberry Kiwi Jam.  The recipe is from a book written by Yvonne Tremblay -- "250 Home Preserving Favourites".  This is my second year making it after watching a segment on Canada AM.

The jam labels were created by Cathe Holden and are available to use on her blog called "Just Something I Made".  She is very creative and is an amazing digital artist.  I love her site and all the crafty projects and inspiration that she provides.

Daisy's were the blooming flower this week in my garden.

Tonight I made "Zucchini Spice Loaf" created by Jennifer MacKenzie found via the Summer 2005 LCBO Food and Drink Magazine.  It smells fantastic and if it tastes as good as the batter it should be YUMMY!

I've also started work on quilting the baby quilt on my Grace Mini-Pini quilting frame.  I'm trying out a pantograph pattern that I purchased from Digi Tech Designs.  I bought the PDF file but I think next time I'll just order the printed copy and have it delivered.

The quilt is for a co-worker but I'm using it more as a practice piece.  My long arm quilting skills are very new so I don't feel that I am "fantastic" yet.  I've been reading lots of blogs and instruction books but I think it's going to come down to lots of "Practice makes Perfect".  

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