Thursday, March 19, 2009

Martha Stewart Living March 2009

We're into the third week of March 2009 and things are starting to liven up outside with a little over a solid 12 hours of sunlight! I checked on my herb garden on the weekend and my Oregano and Thyme are already perking up!

As I had previously stated I'm going to quantify my Martha Stewart Living subscription by using one article every month. I've been super busy, so I cheated with the easiest article I could find. "Good Things" on page 50 suggests using an envelope and scrolled scissors to make a page saver. Click here for the instructions from Martha's website.

See super easy! The book is The Comfort Table written by Katie Lee Joel. Ugh, she is so pretty! I only wish I could be casually elegant like her. I love in the foreword written by Paula Deen she states "I don't trust a skinny cook!". Hilarious, but secretly I think true as well.

Lastly, I thought I should give an update on the 32point5 plan. I've stopped being lazy and have been inspired by the amazing progress by my friends Donny, Maggie and Tara I'm back to the 5K treadmill every other day. I'm warming up for 10 minutes and then alternating between running and walking. This week is 6 minutes of running broken by 2 minutes of fast walking. My goal is 10 minutes broken by 2 minutes.

I have been reading a well written blog called Trying for a Tri that has fantastic exercise and diet tips. I made the shake above with some Whey Powder that I picked up at the bulk barn. I find that I eat relatively healthy however I don't think that I get enough protein. Let's see if it will help. Off to work, see you soon!

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Quilting Newbie said...

How do you find all these great blogs. I am now addicted to the Trying for a tri blog. (LOL)

The cornbread from your other post looks fantastic. I'll have to check out the recipe and see if I can make it. (I have to check out the fat content)