Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well for the first time in a few years I DON'T feel like the person below!

My New Year was spent at home with my dog beside me and my husband sleeping upstairs in order to get up for work at 3 AM.

Resolution wise I have only two and they should be fairly easy to keep.

1) Get back to weighing myself every morning. I got lazy in December and had to cringe at the number I saw on the scale back to the hard core 32point5 plan.

2) Wash my face every night before bed. I know ewww, but I confess I really don't show my face the luxury it deserves. No more cheap cleansers, moisturizers and make-up.

Happy 2009 and I hope the year is filled with love, happiness and health for all of you.


Sara said...

I hope even though your new years was spent at home you enjoyed it. I worked at 5a so we didn't do anything either!

Renee said...

i worked at 5 a.m. too so we sat here at home. in years past though, i have been the character in your post come new years day. lol. rough is a pleasant word to describe that feeling. lol. good luck with keeping your goals. i have a few i'd like to try harder at too. we'll see. take care.

AuntieT said...

Hey Buddy,
Mumsie gave me the right address to your blog, I have had the wrong one all this time, but I did find some math formulas for PII. I love your blog and I am hooked. I wish I had taken pictures of some of my past creations, oh yeah that was before digital cameras ha!ha!LOL. Happy New Year love to everyone. Oh, good luck with your goals, actually I am feeling generous would you ike to have some of mine?? Love AuntieT

32point5 said...

Hey Auntie T.
Yeah you found me! Blog's been a bit slow lately, but sure to pick up soon, quilt and 32pont5 updates are up soon!
I credit you as being my inspiration with sewing! I still remember the day you were sewing all those patches on the jumpsuits, I think they were for skydiving? Hope you guys are all doing amazing!
Giant Hugs and Kisses.