Friday, December 12, 2008

Who's the Birthday Girl??

1. happy birthday cake, 2. Annoying little things, aren't they?, 3. Make A Wish, 4. I like the way my age looks

Well yes, I really am this old today.

However, my birthday gift from my husband always makes it worth getting older. Each year he gets me a bottle of wine that costs the same as my age. MMM....can't wait till I'm like 80!


Anonymous said...

I thought of calling you at 4:28 this morning but waited til 10:38 this evening but left a message - guess you were out celebrating. Hope you had a great birthday and will talk to you tomorrow.

Lots of love
Mom and Dad

Cousin C said...

What about when your like 92 like our grandmother dear cousin??

Cousin C said...

Happy Birthday

Renee said...

happy belated birthday! hope you had a great day and celebrated with your loved ones. take care.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday!! How great a gift from your Dear Hubby! Hope you had a great night!!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday!!!!!


32point5 said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a fantastic weekend filled with wine, food, shows and friends.

C....gah. With the life expectancy of the women in our family; I'm already tired knowing it's probably a sure bet I'll make it to my 90's!! Ha, Ha!

Jocelyn said...

Hope your day was amazing!

a fellow Sag