Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Flyer and Fine Wine Night

I'm cheating a little bit with tonight's entry since yesterday was such a special treat for me. You might not know that I work straight afternoons. Due to some appointments I was able to have dinner with my Big Man! We decided to have Greek take-out and this bottle of Cave Spring 2006 Gamay wine that we had been saving on the "special" side of our wine rack.

Mmm. this wine was delish! It is very light in colour and taste. It gives a nice little buzziness on your tongue. Even though it's a red, I think chilling it very lightly would increase the enjoyment factor. I easily recommend as a perfect selection for "Friday Flyer and Fine Wine Night".

Below is the write up from the LCBO, price point is $13.05 for 750 mL

Tasting Note: Light ruby red colour; lots of fresh red and black cherry aromas with hints of smoked meat and spice on the nose; dry, medium bodied, with round, ripe berry fruit flavour and crisp finish.

Serving Suggestion: Quite versatile; roast turkey and cranberry sauce; grilled salmon steaks; roast pork, pizza; cold meats.

Tomorrow I'm off for another swap of the "Round Robin" quilt exchange. I'm so excited; it will be our last pass/border before we get back our original blocks! Here is a picture of the 3 inch border that I added to this last quilt.



Sara said...

I am not a wine drinker but it sounds wonderful! And I love the fabrics of that round robin!

Anonymous said...

This border seems interesting