Sunday, August 31, 2008

This favorite fabric/craft supplies shop

In response to this weeks question posed by Handmaiden, my absolute favorite fabric/craft supplies shop is Fabricland. Be forewarned before you click on the link to their site; it has a jingle song. I get caught lurking there EVERY time by my Big Man because of that stupid jingle!!

I also enjoy the following stores:

Michaeals is way overpriced but the 40-50% off coupons are great to use on magazines.

Quilters Cupboard is a very cute store and the owners are always very helpful.

Ultimate Sewing Centre I like because every meter of fabric in the store is only $12.00.

I've been a bit slack on the posting. I have been really busy; but also feeling just a smidge under the weather, nothing serious just a little tired at the end of the day. I do have a great wine review for you and an amazing recipe for "Baked Potato Skins" coming up.
Come back soon and I promise to be a better bloggy friend!

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